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Commercial users of the community servers

According to the community server usage policy, you are not allowed to use the OpenCellID commuity servers for commercial applications without contributing data to the OpenCellID database at the same time.

Users with such requirements should instead sign up with one of the providers of commercial services based on the OpenCellID data.

Another option you have is downloading the database itself here on a regular basis free of charge.

The following companies are currently offering commercial OpenCellID-data-based services:

Company Service Price
ENAiKOON provision of GPS positions based on Cell ID data
database used: OpenCellID data, continuously updated

reverse geocoding (GPS --> address)
database used: OpenStreetMap, daily updated

payment options: Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Paypal, Payoneer

contributors of OpenCellID data: free

Up to 1,000 requests per day: € 89.90 per month

Up to 5,000 requests per day: € 349.90 per month

Up to 60,000 requests per day: € 699.90 per month

Up to 120,000 requests per day: € 999.90 per month

Up to 240,000 requests per day: € 1,379.90 per month

Only successfully requests are counted.

If you are interested in listing your offer here, please send the information to be published to Markus.
Feel free to describe your offering in detail in the community section of this wiki.

If you believe that free access to the OpenCellID API would be appropriate for you then please request to be whitelisted.