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ON this page you can find frequently asked questions

I am an OpenStreetMap mapper and would like to map cell towers

OpenCelliD mainly needs MCC, MNC, LAC and CID information.
In most cases it is not possible to find out this data by going to a cell tower for various reasons: the cell tower might be on a roof which is not accessible; there is no sign at the base station indicating such information; there are many antennas all together and it is not possible to find out which antenna has which id.

In addition one of the basic rules of OSM to map visible things. This is not the case here: MCC/MNC/LAC(CID are not visible in most cases.
Therefore only a very small number of cell towers is currently mapped in OSM with MCC/MNC/LAC/CID tags.

The most appropriate way to contribute to OpenCellID is to use one of the smartphone applications listed here and to collect measurements while mapping something else. The Keypad-Mapper 3 for ex. has a built-in feature to record cell tower data while mapping house numbers / addresses.