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Cell ID data can be used for various tasks:
  • save power on your smartphone by replacing GPS with Cell ID tracking
  • find the best GSM network provider in your new place of residency
  • find a place to live with low radio emission
  • track assets and friends even when GPS is not available (e.g. in buildings)
  • enjoy faster first time fixes compared to GPS

Become a member of a successful open-source community and have fun!

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Recording Cell ID data on the go with a smartphone app

Various apps are available for different types of smartphones that allow the recording of data for the OpenCellID project.

Here you can find a Smartphone app for your phone.
The following operating systems are supported:
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • FireFox
  • iPhone
  • J2ME
  • Maemo
  • Windows Mobile

Enable Cell ID recording on tracking / telematics devices

Providers of telematics services or fleet management services typically operate many thousands of devices on behalf of their customers.
Most of these devices have the capability to record the currently-used Cell ID and the current GPS position.
The OpenCellID community offers free use of all available OpenCellID services to those tracking providers, who in return contribute their Cell ID data to the OpenCellID database under the OpenCellID license.

There is a multitude of other sources of Cell ID data:

  • CLF files (version 3) generated by software compatible with the Nobbi software NetMonitor
  • databases of other apps like this one
  • GSM network providers that contribute the position of their GSM base stations to the OpenCellID project
  • GSM base station enthusiasts: some members of have contributed their very valuable data to OpenCellID. Such data is especially valuable because it contains not only measurements but the exact GPS position of the base stations.

The OpenCellID community is highly interested in any donation of reliable GSM base station data. Please contact Markus if you have Cell ID data you would like to contribute to the OpenCellID database. Please ensure that the license of the contributed data is compatible with the OpenCellID license.

Contribute your knowledge to this OpenCellID wiki

This wiki is based on Mediawiki, the famous wiki software used by many, including Wikipedia.

First, you need to register an account by sending an email to Markus, asking for an account. (We had to implement this because spam bots still got past recaptcha a lot.)

After getting your account created and logging in, you can edit all wiki pages in the "Public:" name space. You can also add new "Public:" pages to this wiki in case you have an interesting topic.
A new "Public:" wiki page can be created by entering the full URL of the page into the browser URL input field.

would create the "Public:Main" page if it did not already exist.

In the case that you create a new page, please add it here to the community page directory.

Promote OpenCellID

Despite the fact that OpenCellID has been around for 5 years, this community project is still widely unknown.

Though the number of contributors in Germany and in some parts of the US and Moscow are pretty high, there is still a lack of contributors and data in many other parts of the world.
Therefore, any activity to attract additional contributors of Cell ID data is highly appreciated. Please help promoting the project!

Invite Contributors

There are many successful companies and developers who can potentially help contribute to OpenCellID with a pre-existing, loyal community and customer base, such as:

  • telematics service providers
  • developers of apps that use GPS
  • developers of cell data-related apps

They would benefit from this project as they can use the community servers free of charge; all others must either run their own servers (which is expensive) or pay someone for providing such a service.

A sample text for an email proposal dedicated to telematics service providers can be found here

A sample text for an email proposal dedicated to developers of apps that use GPS can be found here

A sample text for an email proposal dedicated to developers of cell data-related apps can be found here


Follow OpenCellID on Twitter and forward the OpenCellID tweets to your friends and followers.

Participate in the OpenCellID sticker campaign on Facebook

The campaign: take a photo of a well-known tourist point of interest, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, or the Kremlin in Moscow, while holding the OpenCellID sticker into the scene. Examples can be found below.

Now post your picture to the OpenCellID Facebook page and let others guess where the picture has been taken.

Here you can download the sticker as a PDF file for printing and here you can request to get the original OpenCellID stickers, free of charge.
They will be sent to you by mail.

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