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New Maintainer Wanted

Dear OpenCellID contributors

I have maintained the OpenCellID project for several years now including

  • covering all hardware costs for 6 big servers
  • covering all costs for the hosting of 6 physical dedicated servers in a professional environment (Colt and CENTRON)
  • covering all costs for software development of an Android client and all server side programs
  • covering all system administration costs
  • covering the costs of a legal dispute in Spain (which is solved)

Total cash investment so far has been a serious 6 digit Euros amount plus a lot of my free time. Unfortunately the recurring costs stay high and the time required to maintain the project alone is serious so I do not want to invest the amount of time and money in the future as it has been in the past.

But there are also non-commercial issues which indicate that OpenCellID might be no longer relevant:

  • Mozilla some time ago has launched the MLS service which directly competes with OpenCellID and which is funded by a big organization I cannot compete with alone
  • We never got an offer of any developer to contribute backend software, so there is no software development momentum in the OpenCellID community - MLS is already seriously more advanced
  • We never got an offer of any expert to be part of the admin team and therefore every month I have to cover serious administration costs
  • We never got an offer of any person or entity to cover some of the costs of OpenCellID in general or to do some admin work or other contribution except data contribution
  • There is a big number of users of the free OpenCellID API but only 4 purely commercial users pay a small amount of money for using the API. This monthly income does not even cover a small fraction of the ongoing costs.

Upside of the OpenCelliD community is that there is a multitude of strong contributors of data including the CellTower Android app and others.

Taking all the above into account it was decided to either shut OpenCellID down or to sell it to someone who would like to maintain it in the future.
In case someone is interested in purchasing the OpenCellID project please let me know by sending an e-mail with your offer to [email protected]
In case there will be no solution in place until end of March 2017 I´ll shut down all OpenCellID services by the end of March permanently.

Cheers Markus