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New Maintainer - Unwired Labs

Dear OpenCellID contributors,

Our search for a new maintainer is over! Please join me in welcoming Unwired Labs as the new maintainer of OpenCellID.

As you know, OpenCellID is one of the oldest open-source platforms in geolocation with an active community of users, developers and contributors. The complete development and infrastructure efforts over the last few years haven been funded by ENAiKOON and me personally.

We single-handedly overhauled the infrastructure and cleaned the large dataset to make OpenCellID reliable as we know it.

There’s still a long way to go, however. There are a multitude of new technologies (WiFi, IoT wide area networks, etc) that need to be supported, a lot more data brought in and more hands-on-deck to support the growing community. For this reason, I believe Unwired Labs, a leading geolocation service themselves, will build on the good work all of us have done so far. I hope that the Unwired + OpenCellID combination continues benefiting our community.

For any queries, write to the new team at [email protected]

All the best. Cheers, Markus