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Hello _______, OpenCellID is an open-source project aiming to globally collect the GPS positions and other information from as many cell towers as possible. For further details, please visit: The collected data has a multitude uses, including the improvement of time to first fix (TTFF) via apps and research of available network providers in a given place. Since we took over this community project, certain upgrades have been made to the backend software to prepare for an increase in the number of contributors. The software is now ready for more contributions. The next step is to find additional cell data contributors for the OpenCellID database. We have found that your _________ users are a perfect fit for this collaboration. With a pre-existing interest in cellular information, we believe they would also be interested in contributing their local data to the OpenCellID database. In exchange for your data, ___________ could in turn use the database for up-to-date local information. I believe that this collaboration can greatly help the open-source project as well as everyone’s localisation experience. Should this project interest you, please do not hesitate to contact me for discussing our future collaboration. With best regards