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This wiki page provides explanation for some key words often used in conjunction with Cell-ID GAM tracking.


A unique number used to identify the GSM base transceiver station the phone is connected to.

LAC - Location Area Code

A 16-digit fixed length code that identifies the phone's location area within a GSM public land mobile network.

MNC - Mobile Network Code

This number is used to uniquely identify the GSM network operator in combination with the MCC the phone is currently connected to.

   00 - BT
   01 - UK01
   02 - O2 Telefonica
   03 - Airtel-Vodafone

MCC - Mobile Country Code

This is a unique number for the country with the GSM net the phone is currently connected to.

   235 - United Kingdom
   262 - Germany
   208 - France
   214 - Spain