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On one can see:

Distribution of data in a selected area Heat map
Opencellid statistics locations of cells.PNG Opencellid statistics heatmap.png
This map view allows you to zoom in and pan the map to the area you are interested in.

Details regarding the various filtering options can be found here.

The heat map is generated in real time and shows the density of measurements in the database in each area.
There is also a daily updated heat map movie, that shows when and where the data was contributed over time.

Details regarding heat maps can be found here.

Bar charts Raw data download
Opencellid statistics bar chart.png Opencellid database download.png
Bar charts can be displayed for selected regions, time frames, networks and more.
All bar charts are generated in real time.

Details regarding bar chart statistics can be found here.

OpenCellID is an opensource project.
The entire data collected by the community can be downloaded here or requested through the OpenCellID API.