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OpenCellID collect cells with your mobile2.png

This page lists a number of smartphone apps that allow the contribution of GSM cell tower measurements to the OpenCellID database.

Please contact us if you want to get your OpenCellID app added to this list.

Android smartphone apps

Name Screenshot-1 Screenshot-2 Description OpenCellID data consumer
(app reads data from OpenCellID database)
OpenCellID data provider
(app contributes data to OpenCellID database)
AIMSICD Device Details.png Cell Information.png AIMSICD = Android IMSI-Catcher Detector

AIMSICD is an application which help provide early warning and detection, when your mobile phone is under attack or threatened from either mobile tracking devices (known as "IMSI-Catchers") and other network surveillance equipment, criminal or governmental, regardless of the origin. Please note that this is a continually updated and developed community driven project, so new features may be added without notice.


  • Free
  • Real-time network security status
  • Map-based security picture of the mobile network neighborhood
  • Detects Silent/Stealth (type-0) SMS
  • Verizon Femtocell Detection (CDMA)
  • Open source, GPLv3+ (GitHub)
  • Crowd sourced development (anyone can join and contribute)
  • Supporter of EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
  • Integration with OpenStreetMap
  • Integration with OpenCellID
yes no Github
CellID info CellID info.png Displays information on your currently-connected cellular network site, like Cell ID (CID), Location Area Code (LAC), Mobile Network/Country Code (MNC&MCC) or CDMA SID and NID.
On GSM networks it can show lat/lon location by querying and show it on a map.
yes no Google Play
inViu OpenCellID InViu OpenCellID v2.0 main screen.png InViu OpenCellID v2.0 settings.png mapping of house numbers by defining the exact position of the house number tag with the help of an integrated map no yes Google Play
inViu routes InViu routes v4.0 main screen.png InViu routes v4.0 route planner.png
  • GPS tracking
  • route planning and recording
  • locate mobile workers, family, and friends
  • create location-based reminders
  • save specific locations (e.g. your car’s parking spot)
  • create and share GPS photos, POIs, and travel routes
  • view all of the above on the integrated map powered by OpenStreetMap
  • inViu routes is a practical and affordable GPS tracking app that turns your smartphone into a GPS tracking device
yes yes Google Play
Keypad-Mapper 3 ENAiKOON-keypad-mapper-31-en-keypad.png ENAiKOON-keypad-mapper-31-en-gps precision.png This app allows the mapping of house numbers by defining the exact position of the house number tag with the help of an integrated map;
the recording of Cell ID information runs in background.
no yes App Stores
Rf Signal Tracker RfSignalTracker-01.png RfSignalTracker-02.png The Ad-hoc Drive Test App! The RF Signal Tracker is an engineering application for doing impromptu hand-held drive-tests with your Android phone. You can monitor the RF and WiFi signal strength for the device as well as the serving cell locations and hotspot. You can also describe a cell site's zone of coverage, identify changes in technology and handover points, and save and playback that data. Many of the phone stats in the app can be displayed on the phone already (go to Settings -> About -> Status to see them). The advantage of this app is that you can then map, record, analyze, and share that data in a meaningful way. yes yes Google Play
Tower Collector Tower collector-01.png Tower collector-02.png Tower Collector collects GPS locations of GSM/UMTS cell towers and sends them to the database.
It is designed to help map the extent of the mobile phone network coverage.
It is also possible to collect measurements for private purposes and export them to CSV or GPX files.
It has 6 built-in, specially optimised GPS modes to reduce battery usage and provide high quality data. The app is designed to be simple, lightweight, and to use very few device resources.

It works ONLY on the GSM and UMTS based networks; it does not support CDMA!

no yes Google Play
Wifi Scheduler (GEO) Wifi scheduler geo 1.png Add on for the RYO Wireless Manager;
allows geolocalizing cell towers from the app.
yes no Google Play

Note also Gyokov solutions has several apps that can record from both SIMs of a dual SIM phone at the same time and upload to the project.

Blackberry smartphone apps

Name Screenshot-1 Screenshot-2 Description OpenCellID data consumer OpenCellID data provider Download
Get Cell ID not interactive; daemon A Blackberry app that runs in the background and tries to constantly submit information to on the currently-connected base station and the GPS location whenever the signal strength or GPS coordinates change. no yes Sourceforge
Signal Tracker Signal tracker 01.png Signal tracker 02.png Signal Tracker lets find the best and worst cell signal location on your wireless network at your place, work place and everywhere. Signal Tracker gives you the GPS location and the signal quality along with detail network information. yes yes Blackberry World