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This page lists the active collaborations of the OpenCellID project with other similar projects, developers of Cell ID software, telematics solution providers, dedicated community members, and other parties interested in growing the OpenCellID database.
Partner Type of collaboration Status
Logo gyokovsolutions.gif The Gyokov solutions Cell ID database is hosted on the OpenCellID community servers;

OpenCellID regularly imports Gyokov solutions' Cell ID database content into the main database.

The initial data import started on January 23rd, 2014, and was completed on January 24th, 2014.

29,000 new cells and 2.1 million valid measurements have been initially imported.

Lomo-soft.png Vehicles equipped with Lomosoft tracking devices collect OpenCellID data on the fly. This data is collected during the week and typically uploaded once a week to the OpenCellID servers.

As soon as the data is uploaded OpenCellID imports the data automatically.

These imports are executed with medium priority in order to avoid slowing down the servers. Each import, therefore, may take some days to complete.

An average of 2.5 million measurements are provided by Lomosoft every week.

The initial import of 65,671,680 records was started on February 5th, 2014 and was completed on March 20th, 2014.

A daily average of 1.53 million measurements were imported in addition to the general community traffic on every one of these 43 days.