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==Request to be white listed==

The aim of OpenCellID is to collect the GPS positions of cell towers.

The main purpose of the OpenCellID community servers is to store the collected data and to provide regularly updated files for download to the general public free of charge.

It is not the purpose of the OpenCellID community servers to provide the collected data to users through an API but the existing API can be used free of a charge by all contributors of data to the OpenCellID database.

Since July 7th, 2014 all user accounts that just read data from the OpenCellID database but do not contribute anything to OpenCellID on more than 15 individual calender days with download activities in a row are automatically blocked.
Example: if a user downloads OpenCellID data once per week using the OpenCellID API but never contributes at least 10% of the data volume of the downloaded data in the same time frame, his account will be blocked.

Exceptions can be made for those that contribute otherwise to the OpenCellID project (e.g. software development, translations, research etc.), for students writing their theses about OpenCellID etc.

For placement on the white-list please send an email with

  • your full name
  • your phone number including international country calling code
  • the benefit of the OpenCellID project from whitelisting your APIkey

to Markus. Please include “white-list” in the subject line for ease of processing.

For identity verification the provided phone number might be called.

As with our original mission the white-list is free of charge and there is no charge for the OpenCellID API for adherents to our server usage policy.