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Proposal for visually adding cell towers

This would relate to:

I'd like to propose a manual method for adding cell towers to OCID. Basically the idea is very simple. Extend the "inViu OpenCellID" Android App to allow users to manually observe and move a pointer/cell tower icon directly on the map, to where the observed cell tower is located. All that is needed is the Lat/Lon of the new location and the GPS position of the current, in order to estimate how far away the observer is, and thus some kind of accuracy estimate. Basically this will introduce a new table inthe OCID DB containing only:

  1. The GPS Lat/Lon of observer
  2. The observed Lat/Lon of the BTS, due to manual placement on map
  3. A time stamp
  4. A BTS photo (for verification purpose)?
  5. The OCID user API KEY/unsername

From this, a new DB column can be calculated in such a way to average the measurements, and if more than X number of independent measurements have been made for the same location, we can be fairly sure that there IS an antenna/BTS at that location. Combined with real RF measurements we can then be quite certain of the exact position. E:V:A (talk) 00:06, 27 October 2014 (CET)