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Features to be implemented ASAP

There are many plans to further enhance the current OpenCellID functionality.
This page lists some of the features that are planned to be implemented as soon as possible.

If you have any ideas on how to further improve the OpenCellID functionality, please contact Markus.

Database cleanup

The database cleanup of all 1.300.000.000 measurements has been completed succesfully on May 18th, 2015.
In case you still think that some data in the database is suspicious, then please inform Markus.

Backend functionality

  • provide filters and statistics for personally contributed data
  • improve map display features


  • add field "data_source" to various API calls

Support of WiFi base stations

  • it is planned to record WiFi base stations similar to Cell IDs


  • provide scoring lists and a leaderboard for motivating as many people as possible to contribute to OpenCellID